Data Recovery from Crashed Laptop Hard Disk Drive

Make use of interactive interface provided by Laptop hard drive recovery software for retrieving files from crashed laptop hard disk in a couple of minutes. You can easily use the demo version of software on any of the latest laptop brand such as Dell, Lenevo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and many more.

Hard disk contains information that is needed to boot a computer system. Similarly, it’s a basic storage space which facilitates us to save our all valuable data in the computer. But it troubles us when we start the computer and find that system is not booting. This is just because of the hard drive crash and frequently we think that we have lost all important information forever.

When a hard drive crashes, the files are still present there but you cannot see them. It is just that the files are in the hidden mode, so you can recover those files by using crashed laptop hard drive recovery software which is a well-known application. But a single mistake may blow away the chances of recovery of data from the drive. So in order to restore data from crashed laptop hard drive, the first thing you should do is to protect the integrity of the disk.

Crashed laptop hard drive recovery offers ease and fast data access from logical drives and formatted partitions. It is possible to scan and retrieve entire data from crashed hard drive. This software helps to restore of Acer laptop, Dell laptop, Samsung laptop, Lenovo laptop etc. Also, recovery utility can restore crashed hard drive from both operating system environment i.e. Windows and Mac.

Factors responsible for crashed laptop hard drive:

Frequent rebooting of hard drive: Frequent hard drive reboots may lead to hard drive crash. You may be rebooting it several times or might be because of power outages. Hence, you should take care of frequent reboots by using UPS if the frequent power outage is the problem.

Windows Registry corruption: If you are using Windows Operating system then Windows registry holds the complete details regarding configuration settings of all attached hardware, installed software like components of OS, preferences of computer and user settings. When you try to modify any data on a laptop then it will directly imitate to the registry of Windows. You can also edit these registry settings but it will be a risky task because, if you delete some file accidentally, which is related to the operating system then it results in an operating system crash.

Conversion of partition from dynamic to basic: You might have accidentally converted the dynamic to basic by deleting all the volumes of the hard disk. It is possible to convert basic to dynamic without any data loss but, it not possible to convert dynamic to basic without any data loss. When you convert dynamic to basic, all spanned volumes is deleted resulting in hard drive crash. After losing drives on Mac computer, you can make use of this software for lost partition recovery. To know more about it, visit:

Power surge: If some tasks are running in your laptop and if your laptop suddenly shuts down due to a sudden power cut, which interrupts the task, then it results in a crash of OS and severe data loss. If there are fluctuations in voltage supply then it also leads to OS crash due to voltage fluctuations.

Features of crashed laptop disk recovery:

How to recover data from crashed laptop hard drive:

Step 1: Disconnect the crashed hard drive from Laptop and connect it to another laptop/computer as a secondary storage device. Then download and install the free demo version of crashed laptop hard drive recovery software in your computer. Launch the program and select “RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES” from the main window.

Laptop Disk Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from where you need to recover crashed hard drive data and software start scanning process.

Laptop Disk Recovery - Select drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process is done then the list of recovered data is displayed in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

Laptop Disk Recovery - File Type View

Precautionary steps to avoid crash of hard drive: