How to Recover Files from Laptop Hard Drive that Won't Boot?

Easily get back your files from an unbootable laptop in couple of minutes. Download the demo version on any laptop brand and follow the on- screen procedure for retrieving files from the laptop. Dont miss any of your laptop files.

Sometimes when you switch on your Laptop, you encounter an error like “DISKBOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER” or “Please insert a CD to boot”. Then it is an indication that your Laptop has failed to boot, after which you won’t be able to access any of your important business documents, personal data such as precious photos, video clips, music albums, movies etc. The inaccessibility of your important data is a result of corruption to your Laptop operating system and the only remedy for this problem is by reinstalling the operating system. Although it is true that reinstalling an operating system results in complete data loss from Laptop hard disk. However, you can recover data from Laptop that won’t boot using laptop hard drive recovery software. With this amazing utility, you can even recover data from dead Laptop.

There are many reasons due to which your Laptop doesn’t boot; some of the main reasons include wrong BIOS Settings i.e. if your BIOS that integrates the boot settings is set in a wrong order then this might leave your Laptop failing to boot. Virus infection on Laptop damages the boot sector of Laptop hard disk and when a boot sector is infected the Laptop fails to boot. Operating system failure or other third party software conflicting with system settings can also lead to boot failure. Other reasons include hardware issue, hard drive corruption, application malfunction, and many others.

What to do after Laptop fails to boot?

It is very important to stop using your Laptop computer and keep it in a safe place, because as you utilize your Laptop more it results in damage and severe data loss. Once the data is damaged or overwritten it is very difficult to recover data from Laptop hard disk.

How to recover data after drive boot?

As mentioned earlier, you can make use of powerful and reliable recovery utility called Laptop Disk Recovery software to recover data from Laptop that won’t boot. This software has powerful features and advanced built-in algorithms to recover missing and deleted data from Laptop computer lost due to any reasons. With this tool you can even recover data from the Laptop with the broken screen, by connecting its hard drive with some healthy system. More to this, the software recovers all types of data such as songs, movies, documents, photos, compressed files, RAW images, and many others. Furthermore, the tool has a very friendly GUI which allows even a user which less technical knowledge to recover his lost laptop data.

Salient features of the software

Few useful tips:

Steps to recover files from Laptop that won't boot:

Step 1: Download Demo version of laptop disk recovery software and install it on your system. Run the software and choose “Recover Drives” option from the main screen as in Figure I.

Recover Data from Dead SATA Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step2:Now, select “Partition Recovery” option to initiate the process to retrieve data from dead hard drive as shown in Figure II.

Recover Data from Dead SATA Hard Drive - Select Partition Recovery Option

Figure II: Select Partition Recovery Option

Step3:The software displays the list of recognised drives. Now, select the partition and click on “Proceed” as in Figure III.

Recover Data from Dead SATA Hard Drive - Select Partition

Figure III: Select Partition

Step4: Once process is complete, you can preview the retrieved data either in “File Type View” or “Data Type View” as in Figure IV.

Recover Data from Dead SATA Hard Drive - Preview Recovered Files

Figure IV: Preview Recovered Files