Laptop Power Management Utility

Are you concerned about your laptop battery?  Do you want to know how to keep your laptop’s temperature normal? If so then this article will help you a lot by providing useful guidelines regarding the power management of your laptop. Here you will get to know about a tool which is developed with aim to take care of your laptop’s power.  It has been noticed that over the period of time the performance of battery of laptop goes down, thus it is important to manage the power of your laptop with right strategy.

Why do we need to manage power of laptop?

In today’s world where laptop have become an integral part of life. It has become as essential as the air we breathe. The advantage of laptop over conventional desktop is that laptop comes with inbuilt battery that is used as power backup.  With this backup you can use your laptop even there is no power for a while.  The duration of backup of laptop’s battery depends upon the power managements strategic you are using. That is why one needs to manage power of their laptop very wisely.

How to manage power of laptop?

You can check your laptop’s battery setting and power mode from BIOS. You can configure power management strategy for laptop from BIOS. You can also set alert messages which will inform you the moment your laptop’s battery temperature goes high or power level of your battery is low. This way you can increase the life of your battery. You should turn off those features which take a lot of power and are not necessary to be on. This way of managing laptop battery is somewhat a bit inconvenient and requires manual monitoring. Thus it is better to make use of power management software which can automatically monitor the health of your laptop battery.

How Remo MORE manages power of your laptop?

Remo MORE is unique tool which is developed with advance algorithm that helps you to monitor your laptop battery. This software is brainchild of highly qualified software professionals. It lets you know about power level of battery when it reminds only 15%, while other tools give you notification when 10 % power is remaining.  MORE suit gives you a facility by making use of which you can configure your laptop’s power plan, according to your convenience.  This application has been appreciated across the globe for its super and reliable result.  This comes absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from internet very easily.  In case you are in search of such type of tool which can automatically takes care of your laptop and can monitor the condition of battery with regular and constant notifications then go for MORE.  The beauty of this Remo MORE lies in its highly attractive user interface which provides special convenience for interacting with it. In short it is simple yet effective for power management.

How to use MORE for laptop power management:

Step 1: Download and install MORE on your system and launch the tool, select Manage option from home screen and from next screen choose Power Manager as shown in figure 1.

Laptop Power Management Software - Select Power Manager

Figure 1: Select Power Manager

Step 2: Now, from this screen select Mange Power Plan from this screen as shown in figure 2.

Laptop Power Management Software - Manage Power Plan

Figure 2: Manage Power Plan

Step 3: From this window create power plan as shown in figure 3.

Laptop Power Management Software - Configure Power Plan

Figure 3: Configure Power Plan

Step 4: Select schedule option from this screen as shown in figure 4.

Laptop Power Management Software - Select Schedule Option

Figure 4: Select Schedule Option