Data Recovery from Password Protected Windows 7 Laptop

Get back your files from Password Protected Windows 7 laptop by taking assistance of laptop disk recovery software. The software provides easy to use interface for file retrieval on different versions of Windows such as Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1 etc

“Hi, my password protected laptop’s data is missing!! Even though I secured data on my Windows 7 laptop using password, many important files are not found. I tried recovering my important files using some recovery tool, but it failed to restore lost files. So, is there any good recovery tool that can help me to recover lost files from Windows 7 laptop having password protection?”

In order to secure data on the laptop hard drives, users lock laptop through the password. You are in a misconception. Password protecting a laptop does not avoid data loss; it only secures data from unauthorized access. However, don’t worry about your missing data from password protected Windows 7 laptop as it can be easily recovered using specially designed Laptop Recovery software. Before knowing about advanced features of this software, let’s see the reasons why files from Windows 7 laptop files will go missing or lost.

Possible scenarios for loss of files from password protected laptop:

Interrupted file transfer: Files from password protected the laptop can be transferred to external storage devices like pen drive, memory card, or external hard drive. If you remove these devices while transferring files from the laptop, data might go missing from laptop hard drives.

Accidental deletion: Sometimes while clearing unwanted files, mistakenly you may delete necessary files. After deleting files, if you have emptied Recycle Bin of your Windows 7 laptop then you will be under loss of important files.

Antivirus erasure: Computer viruses can enter your password protected laptop when downloading a file from an untrusted website or when you copy files from virus affected removable drives. If you are using an anti-virus application, then it may delete/remove virus- infected file without your notice.

Hard Drive failure: A hard drive in Windows 7 laptop may fail due to MBR corruption. MBR (Master boot record) is a sector that stores information related to files stored in a laptop hard drive. MBR may get corrupt in many ways like frequent power fluctuations, virus infections and other logical reasons of a hard disk thus leading to loss of files from password protected laptop. In case if your laptop’s hard disk is failed, employ this effective tool to securely retrieve data from damaged laptop hard disk.

Whatever might be the scenario to lose data from password protected laptop, laptop disk recovery application can easily get back lost files from it. This software is suggested by both normal users and expert technicians to recover files from password protected laptop in Windows 7 OS. Moreover, this application is distinct from other recovery tools by its advanced recovering methods and will not harm original source files while retrieving data from it.

Outstanding features of Laptop Disk recovery program:

Steps to Recover Files from password protected Laptop in Windows 7:

Step 1: Download the utility to your laptop, from main window choose "Recover Drives" option to restore files from password protected laptop on Windows 7. Then in the next window "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" and "Partition Recovery" options are given as seen in below figure. Select proper option depending on your data loss scenario from password secured laptop.

Recover Files from Password Protected laptop in Windows 7 - Main Screen

Step 2: Initiate the scan process by choosing a drive from password locked laptop from where you want to recover missing data.

Recover Files from Password Protected laptop in Windows 7 - Select Laptop Drive

Step 3: Once the scan process gets over, view recovered files either in "File Type View" or "Data Type View". Then save retrieved files on your laptop.

Recover Files from Password Protected laptop in Windows 7 - File Type View