Recover Files from Laptop stuck on File System Checking

Downlaod and isntall the free demo version of the laptop disk recovery software for verifying the file system that can be easily installed on any of the latest Windows operating system including Windows 10. You can use this utility on all the popular laptop brands such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung and many more for performing data recovery caused because of file system check.

“Yesterday, I had partitioned my Laptop hard drive but now when I try to load my Windows 7 PC, I am getting a message stating that laptop checking file system on C for errors. Even though there is an option to skip this process, it’s not responding upon pressing it and the countdown is getting stuck after a couple of seconds. Overall it seems like the CHKDSK process is never getting started. I don’t have any idea on what prompted laptop checking file system during boot up process. Can anybody explain what is happening and what could probably stop a laptop checking file system at the start?”

At times Windows boot up process can become futile as it performs CHKDSK function during startup and gets stuck in the middle. Not many of you will be familiar with what is CHKDSK? Here is a brief. It is a command line used in Windows to run a utility which is called as Check Disk. This program ensures that the files and the file system are in a well-ordered manner. It also helps to see whether there are any damaged sectors on your hard drive partition and fixes it. Now let us discuss why CHKDSK is run on the bootup process?

Why CHKDSK function is run on startup?

Normally, it’s not possible to perform Check Disk function when someone is doing the job, similarly when he/she completes the task and shuts down the system. Hence to ensure that everything is in order, system will perform Check Disk function as the first thing when you boot up the system. But unfortunately, this Check Disk function us quite slow in action, to gear up things usually user have to explicitly call the function so as to recover data from bad sectors. The command lines used to fix errors and for recovering data from bad sectors /r. If the CHKDSK is automatically run on your system then it means that there is some problem with the hard drive. There are several reasons that make the CHKDSK function run on start-up, the most common causes are mentioned below:

Corruption or deletion: In case, if a critical system file is corrupted or deleted due to any reason then the user might have to face Check Disk function during startup.

Bad sectors: If the hard drive partition has a number of bad sectors then the user will have to go through check disk function during system startup.

Scheduled Task: At times the user will set this check disk function to be run on next startup in the scheduled task to improve the performance of the laptop PC.

But one thing you should keep in mind, the Check Disk function will never fix errors, unless it’s asked to do so. If you don’t fix the error the system will keep on running the Check Disk function on startup. In order to stop the laptop checking file system at startup user will have to fix whatever went wrong with the hard drive partition. But there may be times where everything will stop responding due to severe errors. On the occurrence of these kinds of situation most of the user try to format the drive, no doubt you may solve the issue but if there is no proper backup then you will have to lose your precious data from the drive. If you ever got into this sort of situation with your laptop? Here we are introducing a tool which has turned out to be the biggest relief for users who are finding it hard to fix laptop getting stuck during file system check named as Laptop Disk Recovery. It is an incredible tool that has the capability to fix errors that led to laptop checking file system issues on startup.

Laptop Disk Recovery software allows the users to recover data from laptop hard disk partition that went inaccessible due to file system issues. It may be of any type like pictures, songs, videos, documents, etc. This tool will work perfectly with operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc and also on all the latest Mac versions.

More features of Laptop Disk Recovery software

Steps to recover files from Laptop that got stuck while checking file system

Step 1: Download and install Laptop disk recovery software. Run the software and from the main window choose "Recover Drives" option. Then from the next window choose "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option.

Figure1: Main Screen

Step 2: Initiate the scan process by choosing your Laptop drive from where you want to recover lost data.

Figure2: Select Laptop Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets finished off view the recovered data either in File Type View / Data View. Then save the recovered data on your computer.

Figure3: View Recovered Files