How to Recover Data from Laptop with Broken Screen?

If you are thinking 'how can i retrieve data from a laptop with a broken screen?', then straightaway download the free version of Laptop Disk Recovery Software on a working laptop or computer, and connect the hard disk of the broken laptop and start recovering your files from it. Download and try now for free..!

Do you want to transfer your broken screen laptop data to your new Laptop? If your answer is yes, then read this tutorial to know the perfect way to restore your Laptop data back. Before restoring first backup all your important files from your Laptop hard drive by following the steps explained below

Connect the Laptop hard drive to a desktop to perform file recovery (backup). For this, first,eliminate the battery from your Laptop and take out your Laptop hard drive very carefully. Now switch off your desktop computer and remove all cable connections. Just slide open the side cover of your desktop cabinet to find the cable that connects your PC hard drive and connect your Laptop hard drive to that IDE adapter by setting it as “Slave drive”. Then, plug in a power supply cable to your Laptop hard drive from the motherboard. Then, plug in all the other cables which you removed earlier. Once that is done, just boot the desktop to backup all your data from laptop hard drive.

The above-mentioned method will help you backup all your important files from your laptop hard drive. But in case you have already formatted the laptop or your laptop hard drive is inaccessible, then what can be done? In such instances, you need to use a powerful recovery program to retrieve those lost data back. Using this tool you can retrieve files from Laptop with the broken screen within few simple clicks. To know more about how to recover data after failure of laptop hard drive visit the provided link:

Let’s assume a situation: “By mistake, you dropped your Laptop and now the screen is broken. Even after this incident when you turn on your laptop its working fine, but due to broken screen, you are unable to view files on it. As you were aware that fixing a laptop screen costs almost same as buying a new laptop, you will decide to purchase a new Laptop. If this is the case then you will have to back up all your data from this old laptop. For this you will remove the hard drive from that broken screen Laptop and connect it to your friend’s Laptop. But, when you try to open the Laptop hard drive it shows format error message, which directs you to format the hard drive else you will not be allowed to access your laptop data. But, doing so would erase all the data from the hard drive, which is exactly what you are trying not to do! On the other hand, this error message forces you to format your hard drive that results in complete data loss from the hard drive.

Laptop Disk Recovery - Free Software to Recover Files from laptop With Broken Screen

Fortunately, you can recover files from your formatted hard drive by using Laptop disk recovery software, this software helps you to restore all the files which you have formatted from your Laptop hard drive. In addition to this, you can even use this utility to recover data from dead Laptop hard drive. In addition to formatting there are many more reasons which result in data loss from your Laptop hard drive. Sometimes while transferring data from broken screen Laptop hard drive to the new one, if the transfer process gets interrupted in between then the users would lose some of their vital files.

Nevertheless, if you have lost your Laptop data due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, then without wasting much time go for Laptop disk recovery tool. By using this tool you can recover Laptop files only in a couple of mouse clicks. It is an ultimate tool that can recover data from Laptop with a broken screen. The software even recovers all kinds of media files such as audio, video and photos. In addition to this, it also has the ability to recover data from other storage drives such as a flash card, pen drive, memory stick, iPod etc. Furthermore, the utility can also be used to retrieve data from all popular Laptop brands such as Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and many others that are running Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 & 2008, and earlier versions. If you want to recover data from Dell Laptop, then check out the link right here:

Steps to Recover Data from Laptop with Broken Screen

Step 1: First of all disconnect the hard drive from your Laptop and connect it with some healthy computer. After this download Laptop disk recovery tool on the computer. Launch the software and choose "Recover Drives" option from the main screen.

Recover Data from Laptop with Broken Screen - Main Screen

Figure1: Main Screen

Step 2: From the second screen choose "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option.

Recover Data from Laptop with Broken Screen - Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Figure 2: Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 2: Begin the scan process by selecting your Laptop hard drive from where you want to recover data.

Recover Data from Laptop with Broken Screen - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets completed to view the recovered data either in "File Type View" /" Data View". Then save the recovered data on your computer screen.

Recover Data from Laptop with Broken Screen - View Recovered Files

Figure 3: View Recovered Files