Tool to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive

A laptop is one such device that a majority of users find comfort with. A wide range of powerful laptops is available in the market today that features a great set of functionalities. Nonetheless, the laptop drives are quite sensitive along with the other components in the machine. Therewith, a number of scenarios arise where data from Laptop disk is lost or wiped.

In all those scenes of data inaccessibility on the laptop drive, Laptop Disk Recovery tool finds to be an effective remedy. It got specialized algorithms that can fetch data and files from the laptop storage media with utmost ease.

Some common causes for deletion/loss of data from Laptop disk:

Formatting partitions during OS installation: In some situations, you may accidentally format the partition holding your crucial data instead of the intended partition while re-installing OS, while configuring dual OS, while upgrading to a newer version or due to OS crash. For example, during re-installation of operating system you may decide to format E:/ drive, but you inadvertently selected D:/ drive for formatting and end up losing complete data stored on D:/ drive.

Corruption of Hard Drive: Another most common way of losing the files from Laptop hard drive is the corrupted. Volume header corruption, Journal corruptions or catalog file corruption are a few common issues that can turn the drive to remain inaccessible.

Laptop Crash: One or more conflicting hardware or software on a Laptop may result in operating system crash due to which data in hard disk drive becomes inaccessible. Other problems like bad RAM, hard disk fragmentation and change in BIOS settings might even lead to Laptop crash. After these kinds of situations, it is quite difficult to restore Laptop disk data.

Bad Sector on the Hard drive: Data from Laptop hard drive can be lost because of bad sectors on hard drive. If your Laptop hard drive has developed bad sectors, then it would not let you access files stored on consecutive sectors. However these bad sectors on the HDD can be created due to a number of reasons such as frequent power failures, overclocking of motherboard, accidental system shutdown and etc.

Virus Attack: Virus intrusion is another major factor that accounts to corrupting your Laptop hard drive partition. The partion data/files can be severley affected with file transfers from the internet. Nevertheless, the impact of virus can damage the entire drive partition or only certain disk partitions.

Upon facing any of these problems with the laptop drive, it might seem like data is gone out of hands. In spite this, many users have a misconception that it involves sophisticated operations to bring back lost/corrupt data. Well, if you know, your data still resides on the drive sectors and they can be easily extracted with reliable tools.

Now, How Disk Recovery is possible?

Let's make it simple: When you delete files from your Laptop hard drive, it does not get permanently erased. The Operating System simply marks that hard drive space as being available by changing the file entries in the file allocation table. However, the files are still present on hard disk and recovering them is not a big deal. Hence file recovery from the storage disk is possible. However, if you did not add any new info to that free space, deleted file recovery is 100% possible. So if you find that your files are deleted or lost, don't panic because you still have a chance to retrieve laptop hard disk data.

A technique to recover data from Laptop hard drive

Laptop disk recovery is one of the finest tool you can find if you are looking forward to restore data all safe and sound. It is greatly capable toolkit used to get back laptop HD partition data when drive tackles any serious issues and errors. This program can also restore files on the drive that is been deleted or missing (can include video files, music files, picture files, documents etc). In addition to this, it also helps to recover files from external hard drives, pen drives, music players, iPods, flash card and many other devices.

Eminent features of Laptop Disk Recovery software:

Simple steps to recover data from laptop hard drive:

Step 1: Detach the affected hard drive from the laptop and attach it to new computer/laptop and then download install and the free demo version of Laptop Disk Recovery software. Run the application, select “RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES” from main window.

Laptop Disk Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select “FORMATTED / REFORMATTED RECOVERY” option to recover data from the formatted partition. The tool the continues to scan the chosen drive.

Laptop Disk Recovery - Select drive

Step 3: Once scanning is over, the recovered data can be previewed in “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”.

Laptop Disk Recovery - File Type View

Some precautionary steps to avoid loss of data on laptop hard disk:

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